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Cycling for everyone other contacts

There are other organisations, including specialist bicycle retailers and voluntary bodies and individuals, who can offer further information, guidance and advice. You will find here for some other useful links and telephone numbers. Although the list is by no means definitive, and cost can obviously be a factor, it gives an insight into the specialist bicycles and opportunities available for cyclists with special needs.

Special Needs Bikes to Hire or Buy: 


Pedal Partners Whatever your abilities Pedal Partners try to provide a pedal powered vehicle to suit your needs. You can hire it or buy it from them. They offer a comprehensive range of special needs cycles, comprising hand cycles, cycle chairs and the Trandem 4 cycles in 1. 
Address: 91 Church Road, Tiptree, Essex, C05 0HB 
Telephone/Fax: 01621 815690

Mission Cycles 
Unit 3 The Alders 
Seven Mile Lane 
ME18 5JG
Tel 01622 815 615 Fax 01622 815 681
www.missioncycles.co.uk  info@missioncycles.co.uk

Longstaff Cycles 
Albert Street, 
ST5 7JF 
Tel: 01782 561966 Fax: 01782 566044

Cycling is there for most of us with a little effort - physical or willpower. Special needs or not. Don't put up any artificial barriers. Try to get out on the traffic-free routes that lie close to most towns in the UK.