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Local Routes When cycling a long distance route it can be tempting to spend a few extra days to explore an area more closely. Or if you want to just base yourself in one area of the UK whether it's Somerset, the Lake District, Shakespeare, Cornwall, London or some remote part of Scotland, there are lots of maps and routes available to use. 

Shorter, regional cycle routes are promoted by all of the local authorities in the UK if you wish to stay longer in one place, and government funded organisations such as the Forestry Commission, Sustrans and the Water & Canal Trust add to the choice of routes. And favourite routes suggested by local cyclists mean you can really discover an area. 

Also included is a small selection of Family Cycling and Waterside Cycling routes for less experienced cyclists, and the Mountain Bike Trails concentrate not on the adrenalin fueled rides but on the longer cycle trails where the emphasis is not on technical riding but just the need for stronger tyres and the slightly more sturdiness of a mountain bike - it doesn't need to be an expensive bike. 

Information on the cycle routes are mainly downloadable as pdf files or have links to 'Further information'.